The Founders’ Community Fund

The Founders’ Community Fund provides micro-grants to organizations, collectives and individuals in Niagara’s 2S&LGBTQQIA+ community who demonstrate a personal need, or are organizing programming or events to better the lives of their community. The Community Fund is funded through generous donations from the Community, for the Community. Whenever possible, OUTniagara will look to fund applications that align with one of the Community Strengths and Needs Assessment Recommendations. 

Program Description

There are three program streams for funding within The Founders’ Community Fund: Individual Growth, Gender-Affirmation, and Community Connection.

The Individual Growth grant program is intended for personal use applications, and provides funding to a maximum of $100 for successful applicants. This program is for any personal items or needs outside of gender-affirming gear, and all applications will be reviewed and evaluated by our review panel. No reporting of use of funds is required, unless specifically requested by the review panel.

The Gender Affirmation grant program is specifically to aid in the purchase of gender-affirming gear and other related needs. This program is funded by OUTniagara and operated through a partnership with Queer Kid Bible Camp (QKBC) of Silver Spire United Church. QKBC will assist community members of any age with assessing their needs, procurement and support. Annual reporting to OUTniagara of the needs met through this program will be the responsibility of QKBC.

The Community Connection grant program is OUTniagara’s way of supporting third-party gatherings, meetings, events and programs that benefit Niagara’s 2S&LGBTQQIA+ community. These events can be organized by a public sector organization, private sector business, an individual, or collective. All events and programs must take place in Niagara, or if taking place virtually must be based out of Niagara and promoted to Niagara residents. Whenever possible, applicants are encouraged to show how their event and/or program assists in achieving one of the Community Strengths and Needs Assessment Recommendations.

Eligibility Requirements

All applicants must be based/active in Niagara, and a member in good standing of OUTniagara.

Ineligible Activities and Organizations

Grants are not available:

  • To civic departments, boards, commissions or advisory committees of any municipal government;
  • To public educational institutions;
  • For scholarships, prizes and awards;
  • As donations or for fundraising events;
  • For deficit reduction.

Note that successful applicants can only receive one round of funding per calendar year.

To apply online, please select the program application.