OUTcommunity Art Contest

THEME: What does pride mean to you?
CONGRATULATIONS to artist sarah rienzo for being selected!

Sarah is a 25 year old artist from Niagara falls, Ontario. She has a background in social work and visual art, and is a recent graduate. Sarah enjoys creating characters and stories, as well as exploring various mediums in art, favorites including collage, digital, marker and oil pastel. She is passionate about working with community, and believes that anyone can create art.

Artist’s Statement

When considering what pride means to me, I often think of the community, and my own growth. Representing the community aspect, is the figures in a circle holding hands. They are joyous together and radiate the love and warmth I feel from the community. Underneath is a hand, representing that I hold these feelings close to myself, and that the support I’ve received is always within reach. The ‘starburst’ shapes and radiating lines represent the burst of emotion I feel when I think about my journey as a queer person, and how I’ve been blessed by such growth and development in a mainly positive light. Overall I want this piece to represent a joyful feeling, and a feel of support and ultimately hope.